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"Castles, Islands, Lochs and Glens, I will take you anywhere my friends,
I will take you here, I will take you there, I will take you absolutely anywhere."

~Hazel Shona Telford (daughter)


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Discover Scotland with Bruce, on a tour personally tailored to suit your tastes.

Land Rover Discovery

Tours are conducted in a spacious and comfortable Land Rover Discovery. The vehicle has a capacity for 6 passengers and affords an elevated seating position to fully enjoy your surroundings whilst travelling.
"A National Treasure"

"What you have in Bruce Telford is rare and unique. Bruce obviously loves people and his country. We incorporated Bruce and his services into our 16 day honeymoon trip to Scotland in May 2015. It was the best decision! My husband Tim, has travelled extensively all over the world and he knew what he wanted. We did our research and gave Bruce a list of places to include in our "must see" . He kept us involved in the planning at every step including meals and lodging. We informed Bruce that we wanted to include a few castle stays and some B&B's, he did not let us down! Two places in particular, Glengorm Castle on Mull and The Grange in Ft. William were so entirely wonderful that we WILL return to both.

Bruce greeted us at the airport in Edinburgh with his wonderful smile and made us feel completely at home. We traveled and ate with Bruce every day and he became a friend, so much so that we would gladly have him or any of his family visit our home. It is difficult to include everything we experienced so let me include a few things that the reader may find helpful or be a deciding factor as I know hiring a guide is an expense but I believe one you will not regret.

First, Bruce is very knowledgeable of any area you may wish to see and if he doesn't know of a place on your list he WILL find it. My husband wanted to seeing standing stones and he found 2 extras and made time in our schedule to include them! We called those times.. "Bruce Bonuses" He also took extra time one evening to drive all the way from the Borders to Hadrian's wall which was on my husband's bucket list. The 2 of them were like little kids and they stopped for fish and chips on the way back... late at night, meanwhile I enjoyed a book by the river Tweed and a lovely dinner by myself, as I had see Hadrian's wall before. Bruce soon discovered that we love good photos so he found places to stop where we could get the best images. We also love meeting people and we love churches, he found several for us to stop in and chat with the lovely people inside.

Next, Bruce knows when to miss the tour buses!! We were sure to miss the crowds at our favorite stops because he knows the schedule... Bruce is a very safe driver!!! He got a flat tire at Glencoe, not his fault at all and he stopped to change it and kept very calm and we made a quick stop on Skye to replace the tire so we would be safe. He keeps the vehicle very clean and often stops after dropping guests off to car valet. He is truly a genteman, he always checked our room to make sure it was to our liking and often we would find treats on our seat when we got back from an adventure. Bruce is flexible, if the weather is not good (well, it's Scotland so that is to be expected) he will find alternatives. If you prefer and sandwich instead of a large meal, he will stop at the grocery or convenience store so more activity can be fit in.

I think that was a favorite, when we'd just stop for a quick meal by the side of the road so we could find something wonderful to do! Next, everyone knows Bruce so you are treated like rock stars!! We were given the best service and I believe that was due to the respect people give Bruce.

He will customize your trip around your preferences..
He is funny!! When I put up pictures you will notice we are often laughing..
He will find the best food.
He has amazing stories and a heart of gold..
I really want to travel with Bruce again and surely will.
I almost forgot, thanks to Bruce, I am now a huge Peatbog Faeries fan!! I listen to them as I drive (with 7 children, I am often the chauffeur)"

Cindy and Tim Ravine. San Francisco, Trip Advisor

  The tartan featured throughout my website is Cameron of Erracht Ancient. It's my favourite among the tartans that I wear.