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"Castles, Islands, Lochs and Glens, I will take you anywhere my friends,
I will take you here, I will take you there, I will take you absolutely anywhere."

~Hazel Shona Telford (daughter)

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Scotland & Ireland Tours
Discover Scotland with Bruce, on a tour personally tailored to suit your tastes.

"Great Way To Tour Scotland"

We booked Bruce's Highland Tours so that we could visit some specific places without worrying about transportation, accommodation, or anything else. " Our Friend In Caledonia " had everything planned and made the entire experience enjoiyable and stress free. Bruce is very knowledgeable about Scotland and certainly of all the places we visited. He is hospitable and a good companion on a long car journey.
James Wilson. Calgary. Canada. June 2015.

"Ireland And Scotland In Two Weeks!!"

For two couples who have been best friends for decades, we found Bruce immediatly became part of the party. We spent two weeks two weeks touring Scotland and Ireland with a fabulous itinerary planned by Bruce. He had a smile on his face all of the time, had a great sense of humour, and was always eager to accommodate all of our requests. His knowledge of the areas was excellent, providing us with historic facts, folklore, and insights into the culture of the local people. Always in full kilt attire - several outfits. Bruce made our trip memorable. Thanks Bruce !!.
William Lyman. Maine. U.S.A. July 2015.

"Four Day Highland Tour"

Bruce's Highland Tour was just what we wanted - some places we wanted to see, some Bruce suggested, and some we happened by along the way, all with the greatest comfort and ease. We loved not having to make decisions about where to go and where to stay. Bruce had everything planned out. Just wonderful, relaxing, informative, and seeing what we saw was amazing and memorable.
Fran. Adelaide, Australia. April 2015.

"Informative and Memorable Day Trip to The Highlands"

Where to begin ?. Bruce is a competent and knowledgeable guide. He shares pieces of Scotland's history in such a way that we feel that these little snippets will stay with us well into our old age. He is a chrming guide who enthusiastically showed us the most beautiful landscapes Scotland has to offer, and did so in a way that made him feel like family the moment we climbed aboard his 4 x 4. There is absolutely no way we could have managed a tour like this on our own - it was worth every penny. Coming back to tour Wales with Bruce.
Meg Flight. Ontario, Canada. October 2015.

My Fare Lady...

  The tartan featured throughout my website is Cameron of Erracht Ancient. It's my favourite among the tartans that I wear.