Bruce's Highland Tours

"Castles, Islands, Lochs and Glens, I will take you anywhere my friends,
I will take you here, I will take you there, I will take you absolutely anywhere."

~Hazel Shona Telford (daughter)

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Scotland & Ireland Tours
Discover Scotland with Bruce, on a tour personally tailored to suit your tastes.



Tours are all personalised to suit any of your requirements. In all sections, tours can last from several hours to several days. I can pick you up from any airport in Britain which gives the added opportunity to incorporate England, Wales or Ireland into your tour.


Please note that the tours suggested in this section are entirely flexible and should there be particular places you wish to visit that are not mentioned, please enquire about them, and I will incorporate them into your tour schedule.


The tartan featured throughout my website is Cameron of Erracht Ancient. It's my favourite among the tartans that I wear.